How to Know who Deleted Me On Facebook

How To Know Who Deleted Me On Facebook: There's a new app to locate out which of your so-called friends unfriended you on Facebook: Who Deleted Me. Offered for both iPhone as well as Android gadgets (and as a browser expansion for Google Chrome), the complimentary application became rather preferred this past week.

How To Know Who Deleted Me On Facebook.

So exactly how does it function? After downloading the application and also opening it for the very first time, That Deleted Me will save a copy of your list of Facebook good friends, according to Service Expert. Then, the following time you check out the app, it will compare your present close friends list with the saved variation and also let you understand if a person deleted you, if you deleted a person or if a person simply deactivated their account.

Various other benefits of the app consist of a list of freshly gotten Facebook friends and being able to see when the last time your close friends visited to the social networks website, reported BuzzFeed.

A major downside of the app is that you can only see who has actually unfriended you given that you first started utilizing the application, not "that unfriended you in 2012," as directed out by Business Expert.

That Deleted Me came to be so hot previously this week-- BuzzFeed reported that 330,000 people signed up for the solution this month alone-- that some individuals had difficulty utilizing it. "We're experiencing a lot more than normal website traffic currently so Who Deleted Me is running gradually. We're servicing a repair!" stated the company via Facebook July 6. As well as, on July 7, it said: "We're upgrading to some bigger web servers."

The app originally released in 2009 and also functioned straight with Facebook, inning accordance with Mashable. Nevertheless, it was soon disabled by Facebook because it created a "negative individual experience that is in infraction of our System Policies," inning accordance with Company Expert.

That Deleted Me is not the first of its kind. In 2015, the web browser expansion Unfriend Notify appeared for Firefox and Chrome, stated Company Expert. There's also, which informs you who is no longer following you on Instagram and Twitter, and WhoUnfollowedMe?, which tracks those that unfollow you on Twitter.